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Sala del Caminetto

The first hall (sala in Italian) of the picture gallery is the Sala del Caminetto and it contains the oldest works, namely the tempera and oil paintings from the 14th and 15th century. This hall also contains altarpieces such as the polyptych by Michele Giambono and by Maestro di Roncaiette, and the Madonna with Child Enthroned between Saints Helen, Zacharias, Sebastian and Roch by Giovanni Santi, Raphael’s father.
There is also a glass case containing Pandolfo III Malatesti’s doublet, usually worn under armour. It was found in 1995, when Pandolfo’s body was exhumed from his grave in the former church of St. Francis.

Sala Grande

The second hall of the picture gallery was, in former times, used by the town council for its meetings and by the town magistrate for his hearings. It contains paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, mostly from churches which have either been deconsecrated or closed to the public. The highlights of this hall are: the altarpiece depicting The Resurrection of Lazarus and St. Michael archangel, by Bartolomeo and Pompeo Morganti, two painters from Fano; a number of paintings from local churches and by artists of the School of Bologna, such as the Annunciation by Guido ReniDavid with the Head of Goliath traditionally attributed to Domenichino, the Guardian Angel by Guercino, works by Giovanni Francesco Guerrieri, an artist from the near-by city of Fossombrone, and those by Simone Cantarini, from Pesaro.

Sala del Lavabo


This is a double hall, which led to the former chapel of the court and which contains a Renaissance lavabo (a church washbasin, in Italian) from the Abbey of St. Paterniano in Fano. Here one can admire works by Claudio RidolfiPietro Liberi and Alessandro Tiarini, an artist from Bologna.

Sala Morganti



Madonna with Child and Saints

Michele Giambono

(c. 1420 Venice – c. 1462 Venice)

Maestro di Roncaiette

(early 15th century, Padova)


Madonna Enthroned with Child between Saints Helen, Zacharias, Sebastian and Roch

Giovanni Santi

(c. 1440 Colbordolo – 1494 Urbino)


Resurrection of Lazarus and St. Michael Archangel

Bartolomeo and Pompeo Morganti

(c. 1493 – 1538)
(c. 1528 – 1555)



Guido Reni

(1575 Bologna – 1642 Bologna)


Guardian Angel

Giovan Francesco Barbieri, best known as Il Guercino

(1591 Cento – 1666 Bologna)


St. Nicholas in glory escorted by angels

Mattia Preti, best known as Il Cavalier Calabrese

(1613 Taverna – 1699 La Valletta, Malta)