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The “Flaminia Nextone” project is aimed at promoting the unique cultural identity of the area through which the Via Flaminia (Flaminian Way) runs. The road was a vital communication route for ancients and played a significant role in facilitating trade. Throughout the centuries, culture and traditions have developed along this road, creating intangible capital, as shown by the local historical, artistic and archaeological heritage. All such elements must be combined in order to stimulate the economy, to create more jobs and to promote culture. That is the primary goal of the “Flaminia Nextone” project. Financial support is provided by the Marche region within the framework of the regional project on evolved cultural districts. The municipality of Fano has taken on the leading role in promoting the project. The members of the project are all the municipalities located on the Via Flaminia in Marche, three academic institutions (the University of Ancona – Università Politecnica delle Marche –, the University of Urbino and the Marche Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of cultural heritage and activities and tourism) and some ICT companies. The project is aimed at developing new systems of local governance, new integrated services for local residents and tourists and new ways of promoting cultural heritage.
To this end, a new web platform is being developed, which will provide tourists with information on the culture and the economy of the area through which the Via Flaminia runs, and the new technologies for the promotion of archaeological heritage will be presented to the public. Such technologies will be applied to four pilot projects on the Via Flaminia, in order to create an important cluster within the evolved cultural district and to give the companies included in the district the opportunity to work together:

  • the Furlo Pass
  • the Archaeological Museum of Fano
  • the archaeological site of Fossombrone
  • the archaeological site of Ponte Mallio in Cagli 

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